Winter interest in the garden

In our neck of the woods, colour is not an considerable useful resource. With the compact sum of dampness that we get, scorching summer months temperatures, and relentless winds, our natural environment is stark as opposed to many other destinations. Irrigation definitely allows us have colorful plants in the course of the growing time, but the organic shortage of h2o alongside with its dependable use compels us to backyard as in tune with character as feasible. And character does not provide a great deal colour in winter season below.

So, what does just one do to present curiosity in our winter gardens? Hardscape, evergreen crops, plants that carry on to stand in winter even after they have absent dormant and the foliage has died, and backyard garden art or accessories are choices.

Bob Hatton

Hardscape consists of elements these types of as walls, paths, patios, fences, boulders, gazebos, arbors, fireplaces, streams, potting sheds or other properties, and extra. By their mother nature, these are most generally an integral part of the landscape style and design but can also often stand on their individual as a focal level. They can attract the eye or direct the eye, based on their objective and placement.

Evergreen crops can be possibly wide-leafed, these as holly trees and shrubs, or needleleafed, this sort of as pines and junipers. There are quite a few selections that consist of dimensions to satisfy most any will need. If nothing else, they give environmentally friendly distinction to the bleak colors of winter.