Solar Panels vs. Tesla Solar Roof: The Key Differences

Solar Panels vs. Tesla Solar Roof: The Key Differences

When you imagine of photo voltaic electrical power programs, you likely think about the classic photo voltaic array: some black panels that level towards the sky and take in the strength of the sun’s light-weight and transform it into usable electrical power. But if you look closely at the roofs of some houses, you may well observe a shock.

In 2016, Tesla — indeed, that Tesla — introduced one thing novel. Rather of photo voltaic panels that sit in your entrance property or stand out on the roof, Tesla made the decision to convert just about every shingle into a solar panel. The Tesla Solar Roof replaces an current roof and captures sunlight to assist electric power your residence in a thoroughly clean and streamlined method.

There are some considerable downsides, namely that the Tesla Solar Roof is quite costly. (Tesla does not work a community relations division to area requests for comment.)

For owners intrigued in solar electrical power, that creates the greatest issue: Should you go with the standard photo voltaic panel program or try out the fewer intrusive — but dear — Tesla Solar Roof? To assistance you with your acquiring queries, I have compiled the most important distinctions amongst the two solar possibilities below.


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Photo voltaic panels should be relatively acquainted by now, as they have been getting attractiveness and have turn into much more affordable in the latest a long time. An array can be found on your roof or established to stand in your lawn, relying on what will work very best for you. Whilst there are a wide range of unique manufacturers and forms of panels, they all offer you a clear electricity substitute to fossil fuel sources like coal or natural gasoline. These panels can be high priced, and some are more tough to set up than other people. But for the most element, you can hope much less expensive power expenditures, a lesser carbon footprint and elevated house value.

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Rather of utilizing panels, the Tesla Solar Roof turns your whole roof into your solar array. The Tesla solar roof takes advantage of tempered glass panels that swap your standard shingles, offering the similar safety you would count on from a regular roof while also capturing photo voltaic electrical power. The Tesla Solar Roof is novel, but a lot less tested and more difficult to transfer to an additional property if you shift simply because they are tailor made built for each roof.



Solar panels or a Tesla Solar Roof?


Rate is a tricky detail when it will come to solar units, as a great deal of it is likely to be dependent on what your household and house is able of supporting. There is the expense of solar panels, the infrastructure desired to assist them, the set up expenses — and you have to account for the real capacity of the procedure. In both of those conditions, you can get tax credits and other incentives for setting up these techniques, so that will assistance to ease the selling price considerably. Analysis suggests photo voltaic panels value between $15,000 to $25,000 to acquire and put in.

For the sake of simplicity: regular solar panels are less costly than the Tesla photo voltaic roof in conditions of the general value. Tesla has also had some worries preserving the price down for its photo voltaic roof program, which has been a stage of challenge for some individuals. Value estimates propose rates can scale from $30,000 to $75,000, with some individuals reporting installation costs as substantial as $100,000.




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The set up process for solar electrical power programs can be complex. In general, regular photo voltaic panels are a lot easier mainly because they can be set up in unique spots depending on the structure of your home — either on your roof or on the floor. The Tesla Solar Roof can only be set up on your roof, naturally, and is a bit more of a to-do considering that it needs replacing your full roof. There are less contractors acquainted with the Tesla solar roof technique than regular panels, so this can produce issues in discovering a capable installer.

Solar ability abilities

Both the Tesla Photo voltaic Roof and common solar panels will have a comparable potential to meet your electricity demands, whilst your means to scale your solar ability process to your energy requirements might be more minimal with the Tesla Solar Roof when compared to panels. It will likely be easier to extend a set up with common solar panels in the foreseeable future if you find your electricity demands have improved.

Mobility and longevity

Just one draw back of the Tesla Photo voltaic Roof is the actuality that it truly can’t transfer with you. For the reason that it is custom made-fit to the roof of your household, you are unable to pack it up and install it on a further house. Common solar panels present a little bit extra adaptability listed here, as you could likely get your photo voltaic program with you — however you could want to depart it to advantage from the boost in property price that they deliver.

Winner for most: Solar panels

For now, traditional solar panels are the safer bet if you are searching to make the change to photo voltaic electric power. They are a established merchandise. They are also typically less expensive and give a little bit additional flexibility in terms of how you install them.

Tesla’s Solar Roof demonstrates a ton of promise, but the tailor made tiles can be expense-prohibitive and early problems with the merchandise make it difficult to recommend at this stage. Upcoming versions of the Tesla Photo voltaic Roof may well improve and make very good on the promising thought. For now, adhere with what performs so you can help save on your power bill and shrink your carbon footprint.

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