Is Power Washing a Good Side Hustle?

Is Power Washing a Good Side Hustle?

What Is a Side Hustle?

A side hustle can be defined as a repeated income-generating activity performed in addition to or instead of a primary income source. Most side hustles are part-time and do not provide enough income to sustain themselves. Sometimes a side job is just one of many activities that can be combined to provide for an individual’s needs and those of their dependents.

What Is the Ranking of Power Washing for the Hustler?

Power washing is a great side business if you’re not afraid of hard physical work and having to deal with unhappy clients.

Power Washing is an extremely popular service. This service does not require “missionary marketing”, as would a new service. Although it is a seasonal business, there are opportunities all year round.

Equipment requirements for establishing a power-washing service aren’t extensive. The kit can even be rented to get the provider started. It is not necessary to have a special vehicle, but a motorized vehicle (car or truck is required) to transport the washer, tools, and cleaning materials.

In most states, there are no licensing or certification requirements. It is essential to have a thorough understanding of the surfaces that need cleaning, the cleansers, soaps, and machine settings.

More for the Hustler

Power washing is not as physically intense as coal mining but it’s still a demanding job that takes a lot of effort. This process involves moving cleaning equipment, the client’s furniture, and the repetitive cleaning effort. A ladder extension is also a must-have tool. Power washing is the pursuit of young men.

For the novice, power washing service requirements can be a minefield. It is not unusual for new providers to have to return and rework. Beginner providers are often criticized for damaging the surface beneath their work without extensive knowledge and experience. Damage to the surface may lead to expensive and extensive repairs for property owners.

In the power-washing business, managing accounts receivable is not a problem. Many engagements are one-offs, with no billing cycle. It is not necessary to offer credit to customers, particularly for newbies. It is not necessary to perform the work before payment.

Power washing is a good side hustle for those with excellent interpersonal skills and physical endurance. To get started, you will need basic equipment, a simple vehicle, and good physical fitness.

Does Power Washing Make a Good Side Hustle for the Customer?

Maybe. But most likely not. It’s not difficult. There is no rocket science to this process. A side hustler may be expected to charge less than an established provider. This could save the property owner money upfront.

Where is the risk? Knowledge and experience are the key factors. Competency is a better term.

A wrong setting of the power washer itself can damage the underlying surface. Even concrete, stone, and masonry can be damaged by the wrong setting on a power washer not to mention the different types of sidings, roofing, and hardscapes on property that are not compatible with certain types of cleaners. It is possible to stain and even degrade the material or surface finish.

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